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Exploring Spitting Cave Oahu, Hawaii

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spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler
spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler


Looking for an easy, but scenic hike many tourists do not know about?

Spitting Cave Oahu -known as China Walls- is a picturesque lookout spot with turquoise waters and cascading lava rock formations. I came upon it whilst researching dog-friendly hikes in Hawaii.

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Spitting Cave is named such because water thrashes and shoots up through the cave, sometimes as much as up to 20 feet. Unfortunately, there is no stunning Hawaii beach to relax on or gentle ocean pool to swim in, but the site is quite worthwhile and I’ve seen sunbathers laying out when I went. The lava rock  lends to the dramatic splendor of Southeastern Oahu’s unique geological features.

spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler
spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler


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Hiking to Spitting Cave Oahu

It’s a 0.2 mile hike which will cost you five minutes from the residential street. The steep rugged hill walk getting to the viewpoint might feel like a mini hike.  Once there, any extra hiking is to explore the rock formations .

spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler
spitting cave oahu hawaii ©grrrltraveler

Spitting Cave Cliff-Jumping in Oahu

Some say Spitting Cave is a cliff jumping spot.  Jumping from high up is dangerous and is not advised. During high tide, there have been deaths, as the water’s undertow pulls unsuspecting adventure seekers into the cave.

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How to Get to Spitting Cave

Getting to Spitting Cave via bus is possible if you don’t mind walking a good 45 minutes. You can get off at the Hanauma Bay bus stop and walk to Lumahai Street.

Getting to Spitting Cave is easy by car. It hides tucked into an access alley near the end of the quiet residential neighborhood of 7 Lumahai Street in Portlock. Park on the street . Look for an alley with a119A access sign marker, which points down a narrow but steep hill. After a rain, the trail is be slippery and muddy.  It is the most challenging part of the hike. Not to fear, a terrier and daschound made it up and down on their own.

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dog friendly hikes in hawaii
dog friendly hikes in hawaii


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