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4 Breathtaking Hiking Views on Oahu (for Lazy People)

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Best Oahu hikes for lazy travelers
Best Oahu hike lookouts for lazy travelers


Want to know what the easiest Oahu hikes are for the epic shots ?

Breathtaking views exist in many hikes in the land of Aloha. So I’m sharing a list of best hiking views on Oahu for lazy travelers.

4 Best Hiking views on Oahu

1.  Diamond Head Hike Lookout

Diamond Head Hike lookout  is the most popular lookout hike favored by travelers and a pillbox hike. It is .8 miles to summit to a stunning view of Waikiki to downtown Honolulu. This is one of the best views of Oahu. Take water as the hike is arid, hot and there is no shade. Towards the summit there is a very steep staircase climb which is the most challenging part of the hike, but at the top, is an incredible view.

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diamond head hike view
View from Diamond Head Crater Hike Lookout point

2.  Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail Lookout

The Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail Lookout is a popular trail 1.25 mile paved hike . It takes 30 min to reach the lighthouse where you’ll find a cliff view of Waimanalo and the northeastern shoreline. During a full moon, it makes for a wonderful full moon hike. There is a small parking lot for the hike and when it is crowded it spills out to the side of the highway.

Makapuu lighthouse hawaii
Makapuu lighthouse hawaii

3.  Pali Lookout

Pali Lookout is the historical landmark where King Kamehameha overthrew warriors to win unity for the Hawaiian Islands. There is an actual Pali Lookout hike but the view point is much easier to get to and requires a mere 3 minute stroll from the parking lot.  But the view from the lookout shows the lushness of the windward side of Oahu. Hugging the cliffside of the Koolau range, the  jagged but gentle slopes of the range itself casts an atmospheric mood, transporting you back to King Kamehameha’s legend. Tip: Careful as the winds are strong at the lookout.

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Pali Lookout View
Pali Lookout View
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4.  Lanikai Pillbox Lookout

Lankai Pillbox Trail Lookout is a favorite hike and lookout spot of many locals and travelers.  The lofty view from a pillbox out over Lanikai town to “the Mokes” (two islands in the distance) is a much loved Instagram spot. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to get to the first pillbox, depending upon your health. There are two pillboxes and either will win you a similar view (I like the first pillbox view better!)

But there’s more to Lankai Pillbox Lookout than just that. Looking inward towards the Koolau Range you’ll see the Kailua valley and the eastern shore. It’s a lovely 360 view. See more hiking info here.

Tip:  Even easier, is the hike to the first landing lookout. Less than five minutes from the entrance of the hike is a lovely aerial view overlooking Lanikai. If you want a shot dangling your feet over the edge, then you’ll have to make it to the first pillbox.

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Lanikai Pillbox Hike
lanikai pillbox view
lanikai pillbox view


What would you add to this list of best hiking views on Oahu?

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