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 I wear a lot of hats to operate and maintain my Hawaii Getaway Guide and GRRRLTRAVELER blogs, and YouTube channel, where I empower female solo travelers with confidence to plan their trips. Every little bit helps manage the ongoing work I do to keep the information free.


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I create FREE trip planning information, inspiration and entertainment through my videos and blog guides. But for me, creating videos and blogs requires equipment, maintenance and travel expenses (you can read more here).  Filming and editings videos alone is tough work and my trips are not vacations. Thanks to my GRRR-Inspired Patron rockstars– it has helped me afford equipment to trip accommodations. They also provide emotional support and friendship during my creative struggles and it will not be forgotten. You can contribute monthly or one-time donation, which goes to blog maintenance, video production expenses, and content creation..

I offer perks, ranging from special access to my Patreon feed,  ebooks (which I normally charge for!),  my Secret Facebook Group,  behind-the-scenes moment of my process or my blog business. You get access to videos I won’t share with the public and occasional Google Hangouts.

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I’ve researched a lot of services and they all take a commission from any donation I receive. Paypal takes the lowest commission fee from me at 2.9%

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This is for fellow Creators! Patreon knows being a creator is hard work. Providing continuous artistic value to an audience is not easy, so they created a referral program. If you start your own Patreon account and use my referral code, Patreon will match 50% of your first month’s earnings on Patreon. That means, if you make $1,000 on Patreon, Patreon will give you an extra $500! Win-win!


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World Nomads Travel Insurance has the best travel insurances plans and if you’re a U.S. traveler, this is your best option budget wise as well.  I use this insurance on my travels.


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I love yoga and we should all embrace a little OM in our travels.  If you want to take your yoga experience internationally and are looking to take your practice when you travel, then check out BookYogaRetreats


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Just give that link a love tap now! Any link on my site comes from a reputable affiliate program that offers a credible service. Also, I only recommend products I believe in. Amazon is my one-stop shop for travel & film tech needs. Shop my Travel Essentials or click on my affiliate link. I get a tiny referral percentage, at no extra cost to you.


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