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Hawaii Car Rental Discounts

Renting a car in hawaii How to Get around in Hawaii

Getting Around Hawaii : Which way is best for you?

How to get around Hawaii and the Hawaiian islands depends on the type of vacation and exploration freedom you like. Some travelers plan Hawaii trip itineraries vacationing solely in Waikiki to lounge on the beach and shop, opting to explore on foot or by renting a moped. Other travelers want more freedom and rent a car for their Hawaii trip

Should you rent a car for your Hawaii Trip?

I recommend all traveling friends and tourists to rent a car for a day at the very least.  Renting a car affords the luxury to explore the island at your own pace and to really enjoy the scenic spots which peak your interest.  Renting a Car in Hawaii islands like Lanai and Molokai will be a little cheaper than the main vacation islands such as Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai.

Getting around the island is not difficult with a GPS or Google Maps.  In the Hawaiian Islands, drive on the right side of the road. Driving is U.S. road rules. Gas in Hawaii is around $3-$4/gallon.

Hawaii Car Rental Discounts

Where can you get car rental discounts in Hawaii? While you can easily book from the car rental company or surf Kayak for a cheap rate, Discount Hawaii Car Rental offers discounts on car rentals and the prices. They have some of the cheapest prices I’ve seen!

Rideshare in Hawaii

Rideshare is available on Oahu, Hawai’i the Big Island, Maui & Kauai.   Lyft is the most popular rideshare in Hawaii.

Moped Rentals in Hawaii

Renting a Moped in Hawaii is a fun and popular way to zip around Waikiki. They are never to be driven on the freeways.  We are not Southeast Asia . You will need a driver’s license to drive a moped. Or a Class 1 license, which is specifically for mopeds. Out of state licenses are allowed but you must be at least 18 years. Driving laws apply to mopeds. While it is not illegal to ride without a helmet, one is highly recommended. Crashes can happen.  

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Taking The Bus

The Bus is an inexpensive way to get around. Bus stops are marked with a bench and yellow The Bus sign with bus numbers at that stop. A single bus ride costs $2.75. But you want to get the day pass if you plan many stops.  Pay with cash (have exact change) or buy a Holo Card. It allows you to pay for The Bus, The HandiVan and the rail.

Rent a Bike

Biki Bike is available only on Oahu – Honolulu to Waikiki. You can rent a bike for $4 per 30 minutes and then drop it off at any Biki location around town.

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Best Tours to Get Around Hawaii

This is a curated list of tours to shape a memorable Hawaiian Islands getaway! From day tours to skirt you around the island to see top attraction to sightseeing the islands through a unique lens, you’ll want to experience this adventure bucket list.

Hawaii Circle Experience

🤙🏾  Oahu Sights & Bites tour
🤙🏾  Circle Island Experience
🤙🏾   Oahu Helicopter Tour
🤙🏾🌏   Eco-Friendly Snorkel Sail with Dolphins
🤙🏾   Majestic Full Day Tour
🤙🏾   Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour
🤙🏾   Waterfall hike, Kayak, Paddleboard Adventure

Natural Maui

🤙🏾 Lanai Coast Snorkel & Sail Trip
🤙🏾 Helicopter Ride: Maui and Molokai Scenic Tour
🤙🏾 Sunrise & Breakfast Tour to Haleakala National Park
🤙🏾 75-Minute Hana Rainforest Helicopter Tour
🤙🏾 5-Hour Waterfall & Rainforest Hike with Picnic
🤙🏾Road to Hana Full-Day Tour with Lunch and Transfer

Big Island Hawaii

🤙🏾   Private Kilauea Volcano Tour
🤙🏾🌏   Eco-Friendly Twilight Manta Ray Adventure
🤙🏾🌏  Eco-friendly Snorkel and Dolphin Watching 
🤙🏾  South Kona Snorkeling & Coastline Exploration 
🤙🏾  From Waikaloa Big Island Tour
🤙🏾 Morning Snorkel & Sail to Captain Cooke’s Monument
🤙🏾 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Unfiltered Kauai

🤙🏾   65 minute Deluxe Air Tour
🤙🏾  Napali Coast Sail & Snorkel Cruise
🤙🏾  Napali Coast Sunset Sail & Dinner
🤙🏾  Niihau & Napali Coast Full Day Boat Cruise
🤙🏾  Private Off-Road 4×4 Adventure