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Ultimate Hawaii Packing List


What’s in my female solo travel gear bag? This is a Ultimate Hawaii Packing List share tips on what to pack for your Hawaii vacation. From best luggage to safety gadgets for female travelers and solo travel gear… this is what accompanies me on my adventures.

This list contains affiliate links. If you click on an item and purchase it through Amazon I’ll get a small commission! These small commissions help keep me on the road, blogging and making more videos

Health & Safety

Hawaii is a state that has always ranked low on crime. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. As a part of the United States, there has been an uptick in theft, break-ins and car theft.

The Clever Travel Companion – I have Clever Travel Companion tank top and underwear.  My fave -the tank top has a hidden pocket to store belongings. It operates a bit like a fanny pack. My review.

Banjees Wrist Wallets – You’ll see me wearing these in my videos. Stash my money and credit cards on my wrist for quick access to them. My fave is this 2-pocket reversible design. Review here. Read 21 Ways to Outsmart Pickpockets

Guard Dog Security Doorstop – I take a backup doorstop with me in the case I feel like my hotel is shady and I want to sleep with peace of mind. Haven’t had to use it much thankfully. I have a simple doorstop; this is for the traveler who wants extra security. Read Tips for Staying in Hotels

Alarm Siren for Women Keychain with LED Light– Hawaii is not big on crime but it is part of the United States, so it does exist. Walking the streets at night in the wrong places, can be a little scary.

4-ply Active Carbon Disposable Face Mask Premium FaceMasks with Active Carbon Used for Dust, Pollution, Allergy, Smoke, Travel, School.

5 Colored KN95 masks  – Premium safety as recommended by the CDC, this KN95 comes in 5 beautiful colors to match your fashion. KN95 can feel easier to breath in than the surgical face masks as there is an air pocket in its beaklike front.

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray – lovely smell, gentle on the hands and sprayed in your mask to refresh the smell with lavender.

Baggallini Comrade 3-Zip Crossbody bag (for the minimalist traveler who likes organization),

Ameribag Classic Healthy Backpack bag (if you want something that feels like it has never ending storage and organizer zipper pockets

Read my list of anti-theft purses

In-Flight & Toiletries

Compression Socks – Whether you’ve been sitting, standing or walking for hours, compression socks help circulate and re-energize tired feet.

Lewis N Clark’s Wrinkle Whiz – Spray your wrinkles away- it actually works! Great for business and lazy travelers.

Flip and Tumble Bag  –  Possibly the best self-eating, flexy, reusable bags I’ve gotten! The fabric is flexible (not cheap). Perfect for toiletries and tucking in your daypack for emergencies.

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer– Protect your lips and keep them moisturized

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray – lovely smell, gentle on the hands and sprayed in your mask to refresh the smell with lavender.

Faceshop FaceIt Waterproof BB cream -Feels like water going on, but smooth. SPF 50 and durable foundation. Sustains the sweatiest of beach and travel days.

MyCharge Hub Mini Portable Charger 3000mAh –  This portable charger charges like lightning and will give your mobile phone a full charge. Lipstick size. Love that it has its own cables which fold out.

Anker Powercore 10,000mAh Power Bank– Durable brand. Allows you to charge your mobile device more than once.

Fanny pack or bum bag (large size)-   Great for everyday sightseeing and I still use it to keep my camera and phone accessible when travel vlogging (I use it often to go running with Tinker too!).  I can wrap it around my waist or crossbody. It has hidden and organizer pockets.

Manta Sleep Mask – the most comfortable blackout sleep masks. I PROMISE you’ll love it!

Multiport plug. These days much of our devices can be charged from USB and USB-C ports, so I love taking this handy 4-port plug with me! I can charge 4 devices on one plug.

Mesh pouches for travel – I love mesh organizer bags that let you see through the mesh to what’s inside. They’re great for in-flight essential organization.

BagSmart Women’s tote is a chic option as far as travel totes go, with various compartments inside and out to organize anything from your reusable water bottle to iphone and tablet.

Here is a full list of my in-flight essentials for long haul flights

Travel & Beachwear Clothing for Female Travelers

Hawaii can offer an active outdoor vacation with beaches, ocean sports and lush hiking spots to explore.  You will definitely want to dress for comfort.

Dress is not formal unless you are entering a nice restaurant, whereby you want to have at least one nice outfit with dress shoes or sandals.

Casual attire:  summer dress, shorts, tshirts and flip flops.

Somi Betty Bra Top / Bikini – Eco-friendly bikini for gym workouts and swimming.

Somi Maverick – Eco-friendly bikini bottoms for gym workouts and swimming. Comfy lightweight fabric.

Yoga Pants with side pockets – Super handy and sporty. Always have your mobilephone on you.

Rash Guard
Extra swimwear protection so you don’t burn. These are also helpful in keeping you a little insulated when snorkeling for an extended time. Surprisingly, rash guards are not ubiquitously sold in the Hawaiian Islands.

Rash Guard Women :

HISKYWIN Women’s Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Rash Guard ,
Body Glove Women’s Long Sleeve Rashguard with UPF 50+,
ATTRACO Women’s Rashguard Swimsuit Zip Front UPF 50+


Seafolly Caftan

La Blanca V-Neck Lace Tunic Cover Up

Board Shorts

La Blanca Women’s Boardwalk 5″ Board Short

Travel Clothing for Male Travelers

Rashguard for Men

Kanu Surf Men’s Cb Rashguard UPF 50+ Swim Shirts ,

My Favorite Footwear for Hawaii

Pali Hawaii Jandals– Folks call them Jesus Sandals.  They are lightweight, inexpensive and super comfy rubber. Unisex.

Havianas flip flops  –  Havianas is one of my main footwear choices, for hostels, hotels, temple hopping in Asia and just strolling around.  Being from Hawaii, I know flip-flops.  Havianas are top notch.  (Read why I like it )

Outdoor Gear

Water shoes (aka Reef shoes) for Men and Women— plan on snorkeling or getting out to the rocky beaches? Grab these water shoes to protect your feet from pebbly sand and coral. Note: you should never stand on a reef!

  Manduka EXO Lite travel yoga mat – Manduka is a great no-slip yoga mats. Lighter than its standard weight, you can pack this in your luggage to take it on the go! Take your yoga on the go or take it one of Oahu’s yoga-in-the-park classes (at Magic Island).

TravelOn Waterproof Pouch – Protects mobile devices from the elements. Submerge it 65ft or 20M deep. Con: Submerged in water, mobile touch capabilities can feel wonky. I use it as a beach buddy pouch.

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Balm –  Plant Based | DEET Free | Travel/Pocket Size | 0.75 oz

Now Lemongrass Oil  – The citrus scent of lemongrass gives me a zing, it refreshes the air, doubles as a light perfume  and it repels mosquitoes.  It’s also an antiseptic. Always carry it in my daypack.

Yeti Rambler 18 oz. Keeps drinks hot and cold. Easy portability.

PATH water  (reusable water bottle -inexpensive)— It is alkaline water but it comes in a reusable aluminum flask which is ideal for traveling and fitting into your backpack side pocket. If you ever lose it, no problem. It’s inexpensive enough to buy a new one!

A rain poncho – Don’t get stuck in the rain while hiking or sightseeing. Fits in your pocket. Inexpensive.

Xtreme Cable Solar External battery charger – I have several external chargers and I pack them all.  My fave is the solar charger from my SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle.   Additionally, Xtreme Solar Bank is 5000 mah waterproof, dustproof, charges two devices at once.


Reef Safe Sunscreen for Hawaii

Beware of the “Reef Safe” marketing labels. Some are not reef safe. Read my Reef Friendly Sunscreen Guide for Hawaii and check the labels.

Check out my reef safe sunscreen guide and 10 top recommendations



Travel Insurance & Communication

Airalo E-SimTraveling from outside the U.S. and want internet connectivity? If your phone can accept e-SIM cards you’re in luck! Airalo is an inexpensive data plan where you can set up and access from home or after you arrive. Best of all, you can country hop on their global plan.  PS Not all Hawaii Island Airports have free wifi so you’d either need to activate it before you arrive wherever there is wifi or after you reach your hotel in Hawaii.

Skyroam– Pack your WiFi anywhere you go! Get 10% off when you use my referral code GRRRLTRAVELER

Travel Insurance Master is a trip insurance finder tool  to find a plan that matches your budget.

SafetyWing Nomad Insurance (for out of U.S. travelers) is highly affordable and flexible travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage in 180 countries. They also offer  Remote Health Insurance to cover remote workers in live abroad situations.

World Nomads travel insurance   Affordable travel insurance, especially for U.S. adventurers.  Covers more things than most insurances. I’ve used WN for a lot of my short trips up to 3 months. Read more




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