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Hawaii Getaway Guide

The Guide to the Perfect Hawaii Getaway

Hi, I’m Christine Kaaloa and I’m your local insider to help you with your Hawaii trip planning.

You might know me as GRRRLTRAVELER. I’ve been a travel vlogger and blogger for years and Hawaii is my home.   I know a lot about my culture, but it’s through my work that I explore some of the most iconic and occasionally hidden places these islands offer. Hawaii Getaway Guide is my passion project based on the islands I love.

While I am always happy to inspire you with recommendations,  I always advise my fellow travelers to do your own research and due diligence. While I try to offer the best inspirations for trip planning, and attempt to stay current with my information, I cannot guarantee the type of experiences you will have or that my information will always be up-to-date. Covid has changed the world a lot.

Enjoy my islands, embrace the warm tradewinds that greet you, respect all living beings with Aloha and keep Pono.

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